My husband has a high quality navy suit and I'm thinking of colors of ties and shirt colors which wouldmake him look hot?

He is wearing light brown shoes and belt. Any good ideas of shirt and tie colors?
Secondly, what stores have the highest quality white shirts to be worn for interviews?


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  • White shirt, lighter blue shirt, yellow shirt, pink shirt all work well with navy imo.
    As far as ties you've got a lot of options. I like yellows, browns, silvers. Match with the shirt.
    Only thing is in my opinion don't go straight blue tie or especially straight red tie, he'll look like a politician.
    But overall I imagine you know what you think is hot, so go with that.

    • Thanks for the tip on no straight red or blue ties. He is wearing a cream tie with white shirt tomorrow. Don't know if that has a 'wedding' feel to it? Doesn't look it...

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  • Dressing for business is not the same as fashion for men there is protocol.

    Blue shirts are the new white. A red tie will stand out. If you need advice look at what the President wears.

    Normally shoes are always black with a black belt. Brown shoes and belt with a Dark blue suit are an automatic mis match.

    High quality at a average price is JC Penney's.

  • White shirts can be tough. Gotta shop around. Probably looking at $300+

    Ties, well. Pick any top tie house and go nuts lol. Reds, blues in classy patterns would work.

    • what makes a white shirt worth over $300? What fibers would it have?

    • Well. Ideally you would go bespoke and use long staple cotton like pima or sea island. Then, mother of pear buttons plus labour... could be less I guess.

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