If a girl is beautiful, is it necessary for her to have a boyfriend and a good social circle?

I know I'm pretty. I have been complimented many times. Not to be a showoff kinda person. But I don't really have a boyfriend. Does it mean that there's something bad about my appearance and people lie. this is true that i am in a girl's school and i dont have any guy friend. except for one or two. All the other are girls. Please don't say that I may be a bad tempered person or something because I know i am not.
I am being called the kindest and the sweetest person of my class :)
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  • You don't need a boyfriend or social circle. If you are happy that's what matters. I wouldn't be too concerned about your looks or personality, if people say you're pretty and nice, it's probably true. I think your trouble is that you need to do things that involve being around more boys. Another thing is you may need more experience just dealing with boys, such as picking up on signals that, they are interested in you, the ways that they act, ect... Social interaction is the key, everything will fall into place after that.


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  • No. Just do whatever makes you happy.


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  • doesn't mean anything. you are your own person.

  • Ah no. Keep being yourself.

  • If you're good looking but don't have a social circle or a boyfriend, it has nothing to do with looks.

    Personality means a tonnnn more. Having passions, interests, hobbies, etc mean a whole lot more. Pretty women are a dime a dozen so good looking women get passed up on all the time because they lack individuality and passion.

    It could also simply mean you are too shy and not confident enough. I pass up on shy women all the time because I don't have time for that. I don't know a thing about her, why would I spend all sorts of energy trying to get her to open up? I'm not, I'm just going to move on to somebody more open and easier to get to know.


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