Year 12 Formal coming up with dates we can bring along. What do you think of me wearing something like this?

https://media-cache-ec0. pinimg. com/736x/40/39/4a/40394aaa0e69687b71ad89e3c34fab5e. jpg

https://media-cache-ec0. pinimg. com/236x/8d/91/db/8d91dbf7e675b1d73e3123dd20092c5d. jpg

Guys i have a year 12 formal coming up, dining out partying after we finished school. Im bringing a girl who i wanna have a serious relationship in the future with..

Is this style good to wear? Suspenders, bow tie, skinny suit type pants and classy shoes?

Good or nah?


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  • Server can't be found hun, can't see pictures even if copy and pasting the URL


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