What is your definition of a classy girl?

Here is my definition:

- dresses in fashionable but conservative clothing
- does her hair
- is nice to everybody
- doesn't gossip
- is confident
- is intelligent but modest about it
- is happy and well rounded
- attracts guys but doesn't use guys


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  • The true definition of class in my opinion is how comfortable one makes other people feel, from the most exalted to the least among them. A classy person never flaunts what they have, belittles, humiliates or demands. Class has nothing to do with elegant clothes, impressive financial resources or finer things. Anyone, of any social or economic standing can have class.


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  • Classy by my definition -

    A women that does not require male attention in order to feel like life has purpose, but is a hopeless romantic and knows that she deserves someone special who will value her morals. She enjoys meaningful conversations and is happy to clarify any misunderstandings without feeling defensive. Confidence is in her blood, but she treats others as she would want to be treated and remains humble. She offers advice without judgment because she realizes everyone comes from different spectrums in life and she can appreciate that. She is excited to learn something new and share it with the ones she cares about without expecting anything in return. At the end of the day, she tries to be the best person she can be!

  • Does what ever she likes because fuck the patriarchy


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