Does anyone have or know of modeling opportunities for me?

I need some help in the model career. Does anyone know of or have any leads for me. I am in Texas if that helps. Thank you so much.


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  • I'm assuming you have profiles up at OneModelPlace and ModelMayhem, which are two of the biggest sites for independent models looking for work. That's where people looking to hire a model will go first, assuming they aren't going to a big agency for high-end fashion models.

    And I'm sure you know that your opportunities in Texas are going to be very limited - most modeling work in the US takes place in LA and NYC, so if you want to make a career out of modeling, then you will likely need to move there, or at the very least, work to book gigs in clusters and fly out for a week or two at a time to complete them.

    Finally, read read READ everything on those sites and others about the industry. There's lots of good advice there from people who have "been there, done that." It's an industry with lots of competition and can be pretty brutal at times when it comes to selection/rejection, but that's part of the territory and something you'll have to learn to deal with. Plenty of girls who would never make it in high fashion make decent, even good livings, as glamour models.

    Given your age, it's too late to be a high fashion model, but glamour and catalog-type modeling are still available to you. Obviously, there are also lots of opportunities in erotic modeling (artistic/fetish/erotic glamour) if you are willing to do that.

    I can't stress enough: do lots of reading and find the modeling forums and read some more. Likely all of your questions have already been asked and answered a million times over, so go do some research.


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  • Forget about being a model and do something legitimate with your life. Nobody should get paid for being pretty.

    • Why is that?

    • Because being a model is so shallow, fake and vain.

    • I think modeling is more about acting and posing than just having a pretty face. I'm sure everyone has noticed that models are not usually the most physically attractive people they know. It's alright as long as there's some exit plan once modeling goes downhill (or if it doesn't take off).

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