Boring Hair, Need input!. (Mainly for Girls but Guys are welcome to troll-JK)?

I want to change my boring hair and be like a taiwanesse actor name Jerry Yan.


So what do you think guys, Am i suited for a long Hair?
Feel free to post your Inputs and Please dont hesitate to vote. Thanks. :)
  • A; Go for the long Hair and get slim.
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  • B: Stop, you're Waisting your time.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • go for the long hair dude but get slim (have a closer look to what you put in your plate).. by the way you look nice dude

    • Really? :)
      Based on your input and poll. I'll procede to my plan of getting fit and a long hair.

      Thanks babe, I appreciate it.

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    • Oh you hug me back? now this is flirting.. hahahha..
      Just kidding.

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What Girls Said 4

  • The hair on that guy looks awful! ... ad least in my opinion...
    You look much better with the hairstyle you have now. =)

  • The long hair is super hot. I've never really been into Asians until I saw a guy with hair like that at the gym a few weeks ago. I accidentally stared a little. The few extra kgs aren't bad either! I don't want a man who is skin and bones.

    • copy that...
      plus i want to grow my hair not to please/wooo women or even white women. I just need new changes about my looks.
      Thanks girl.

  • go for it!

    • Thanks girl... mwuah. hehe

  • Yes I'm really inexperienced but I think long hair would look nice on you:) It's good to change something, then you will probably get more attention from girls! I can't see your eyes, but you look cool to date :D


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