Girls would you care if a guy noticed your belly button piercing?

its summer so I'm asking this question as I seem to get caught a lot looking at girls belly piercings at the beach or at bars girls like to show them off here , they seem to be something I notice a lot , there pretty common around here so its not usual to see them on girls but I still seem to like looking on them and some of the girls notice that I've seen it. I'm not exactly sure what they think , if they enjoy the attention or think I'm just being weird or have nothing else to do with my time.
  • i'd enjoy the attention and glad he noticed
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  • i wouldn't care either way
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  • i'd be annoyed he was looking in that area
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  • other please explain
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  • Girls who wear clothing short enough where you can see their belly piercing, shouldn't get mad or feel uncomfortable if another guy looks at their belly. It's obviously what they're trying to do, cause attention to their piercing. If they don't like it or feel uncomfortable then maybe they should wear a body suit and move on with their lives.

    • well true if there in public and wearing revealing clothes there asking for it , think problem is at beach girls pretty much have to show it off as pretty much all girls wear bikini's now not one piece suits much anymore so some girls who might not normally show it off have to make it visible to everyone at beach that they have a body piercing and some girls might not like that kind of attention

    • True true then maybe they should stick to a one piece lol

    • I know but style at beach is getting so revealing almost no younger women wears a one piece , its all bikini's and a pierced belly button perfect accessory to go with this look , so I think most girls want this look to feel sexy

Most Helpful Guy

  • I imagine she would, unless she was attracted to him.


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  • Tbh, I wouldn't care. I got my belly button pierced for me, not for the attention, but I wouldn't care if someone was looking at it. I think they are cute, so if someone else likes it on me, then I guess it would make me happy, haha. Nothing much to say about it.

  • If she's insecure about her body, you're going to make her VERY uncomfortable, if she's confident and showing it off, she'll be flattered. If she catches you staring, confident or insecure, compliment her on it.

  • Doubt it. Girls who show off their belly buttons and go get piercings on them don't tend to be "insecure" per say. Most would not care or would be happy to show it off. They got the piercing for a reason: they thought it looked good on them!


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