Extreme makeover for back to school?

I'm a 17 year old girl going into my senior year of high school in mid-august… I guess I've always wanted to be noticed and to be that girl who goes back to school completely changed. I'm planning on dropping a few pounds (if you have any weight-loss tips, PLEASE let me know), dying my hair, whitening my teeth, changing my wardrobe, basically small things that eventually will make a big difference in the end… Do you have any tips on how I can make my appearance look better and have more confidence? :)

And please don't write anything like "you should focus on your studies" etc. because I do and I get pretty good grades :)


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  • I would recommend doing some research into work out plans then make your own with a split of at least five days. I don't buy into any of those special diets or anything, it's pretty much common sense. If it looks unhealthy then it almost certainly is. I would focus less on calisthenics (weights) and more on high intensity cardio and plyometrics, however that does not mean cut resistance out of your routine completely (you need squats for that double-take ass :P). If you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a message!

    • Thank you! I eat overall healthy and my biggest problem is definitely all the sweets/chocolates. I have now gone 3 days without eating any sweets.. I want to break the habit of eating them.. Do you think that I will lose weight just by cutting them out? And I already workout, but I wanna workout more this summer since I have time, now that I'm not in school anymore… And do you know how long it will take before I can see a difference?

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    • Where do you get your motivation from?

    • At first it was because I eventually want to go into the military. Now I do it to be a better me, your body is one thing that will stay with you through life no matter what so why would I not want it to be as good as it could be. Also its just habit now, so no might as well keep going huh?

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  • For a tip, with weight loss eat more protein and less carbs. For breakfast, never skip and you must always eat a good meal for your morning. For lunch, eat moderately too. For dinner, remember: you don't exercise at night, so eat very little, but don't starve yourself. Rather than eating 3 large meals a day, you might also want to have smaller meals throughout the whole day. Drinking a cup of water before a meal also causes you to eat less. When you want to eat something and have a craving, you must learn to control yourself. Eat one or two bites of your favorite food, but don't overdo it. Also when a eating a meal, eat till you are satisfied but never full.

    And for a better body: exercise. Do stuff you don't usually exercise. For example: if you swim a lot, start running since you burn more calories doing things you don't usually exercise.

    • Very informative! Thank you!

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  • Having a new hairstyle always makes you feel brand new. I suggest something daring and edgy.
    to enhance your natural beauty try out some different make-up styles! when you find the one you like perfect it and make your own look.
    I would also think about what kind of attitude you want to have. Try to think of the person you've always wanted to be and go for it! spare no effort in achieving what you want. Try out different things and don't second guess yourself. Transformations are always fun!

    good luck :)

  • I dont think u should change everything about ur self before going back to school its one thing to want to look a little different but you dont want to change to much and come off as fake. I think you can change but stay true to who u r especially in clothing. if u want to feel confident dont wear what everyone else is wearing if thats not u because if u do u r just going to feel and look awkward. but if u want any help with fashion advice that is one of the things im really good and i give lots of help so if u need any ask me i love that stuff and im 16 by the way


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