If you were to do something to my appearance to make me more attractive what would you do?

What would you change in my appearance to make me more attractive?
Here is the clothes I mostly wear:
Regular t shirts with graphics
A denim jacket/vest once in awhile.
Skinny jeans, I only own skinny jeans.
So what would you change? it could be anything, clothes, hair anything.


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  • Nothing! Why do you feel like you have to change something about yourself to be more attractive? Just BE YOU! You have great style (skinny jeans are in style, so don't worry about what you're wearing). Just be a nice funny and friendly guy and you'll not have any problems attracting people.

    • Thanks for the advice! I just feel like I need to change myself to make myself more attractive seeing how I'm almost 19 and I haven't had a proper girlfriend.

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  • Throw the skinny jeans in the trash. No self-respecting woman is gong to like that... unless you're going for hipsters or children (13-14-year olds).
    Change your hair from the Justin Bieber hair do...

    The gym - build up your body a little bit.

  • Gym is always good
    Try a different hairstyle? Maybe sumthin thts a little more tough-looking, make the girls look at you and see great hair. Like the colour by the way

  • maybe try more of a rugged, just out of bed hairstyle. A little less prim and perfect. Apart from the hair u look like a sweetie pie xxxx

  • i wouldn't change anything tbh, but if ur really concerned just hit the gym once in a while ;)


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