What is a thong , girls , n what kind of girl uses it?

In detail would help , too confused. n I think it's related to Boone but...


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  • www.look-fabulous.com/.../thong-knickers.jpg

    This is a thong... It covers up some of the front of a girl and none in the back.

    I only wear them for my pantie line not to show through certain pants, shorts, or skirts.

    But other girls wear them 24/7 to feel sexy.

    • Hey , how to message someone on this site , I can't figure it out,,

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    • How do you embed a picture? It says to simply copy and paste a URL but that has not worked so far! Would appreciate the answer :D

    • I usually do mines on my phone.

      I go to my profile press edit then click edit/change and it'll take me to my gallery and I just click one. See I changed mine.

      But as for online I believe you do the same thing except you have to select a pic from your computer.

      I don't think url is necessary.

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  • Go into a bra shop and look. Or just search it in google. It's just a piece of underwear that doesn't have weird panty lines when your wearing like yoga pants or jeans or anything. I wear them bc I hate the panty line. Sometimes girls wear them to feel sexy. It's all what she's more comfortable wearing

  • a thong is underwear that like has dental floss down the back. and lots of different types of girls wear it. Just use a google search and you will understand.

  • Um it's a type of underwear that covers some of the front and not so much in the back. I wear them to minimize panty lines when wearing tight clothes.

  • A peice of lingerie. There are many differnt types. Many guys are turned on by them.

  • Um a thong is underwear that shows your butt and any kinda girl can wear them...


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