Why is it spikey ?

When I straighten my hair and put it up for cheerleading I always have the peacock thing going on. Sometimes I don't straighten it and it stays down but my hair doesn't look as nice unstraighten. How do you make sure you don't have any spikes ? & please be reminded it's when I have to have a high ponytail, bangs back, and with a ribbon. Any advice ?


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  • Cowlick's are a genetic trait whereby the person with it, has a lock of hair that stands straight up, or in some cases at an angle that more or less goes against the desired hair style.

    Some people have these, other's do not.

    The best way of dealing with them is by using a combination of product, styling technique, and discovering the right hair style to minimize it's effect.

    In your case, if you have a specific hair style you are using to conform to a uniform appearance, this may be more troubling as you can not solve for your cowlick using that particular hair style.

    You may be able to use a hair paste product in heavy dosage to the affected area when you use this specific hair style. This way you can control the lay of the cowlick, and possible can affix the lock of hair underneath a layer of hair, so to keep it down over a long period of time.


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  • I don't really understand what you mean by "spikey."

    Is your hair layered? Mine is layered, and sometimes when I straighten it, and put in in a ponytail, the shorter layers don't lie flat with the rest of my hair. Is that what you mean?

    • Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

    • Oh, ok, well the only real way to fix that is to take your straightener and kind of curl them under slightly. I think the spikeyness looks cute though, so usually I just leave it like it is :)

  • Layers or split ends

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