How to find clothes that actually fit me properly?

I have had a tough time finding clothes that fit ever since I went from being 290lbs to 150lbs granted I had a hard time with clothes when I was bigger. Either the clothes are too tight, too baggy, or too short. I'm 150lbs 6'0 if that info helps. Button up shirts are either too short or too baggy as in the arms of the shirt are baggy and the back is loose. I wear nothing but skinny jeans because everything else looks super baggy on me and I hate baggy clothes, but I also hate clothes that are too tight.


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  • Go to a mall and go in all different stores and try on a few different types of shirts, once you find a style and size you like from that store you can continue to go back when they bring new stuff in. either that or you can ask the salesmen if they have anything slim-fit that will fit you well or just in general explain to them your dilemma and have them help you find styles to fit and suit you.

  • You go to clothes store and try the clothes on.
    How tall are you?

    • I'm 6'0. The only reason I don't go to a clothing store is because there isn't one and usually big name clothing stores have crappy clothing.

    • Well you just said the reason ehy you can't find clothes. Not only because you are tall, it decreaces your options, but uou don't buy from big companies and you dont have some store near you. Internet! Order online! And try to even check out what companies have to offer.

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