Are clothes over rated and that includes all types of underwear?

how many of you think wearing clothes is over rated like in the home. I look at it this way if God wanted us to be covered up He would have made us that way. i say that there should be a law everyone has to be naked in and around there home. without worring about being arrested for being naked at home


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  • I hate wearing clothes sometimes, like at the minute we're having a bit of a heat-wave and I just don't want to wear anything at all! I wear very little at home, as little as I can get away with, and nothing to bed.

    • I do just babout everything naked in my home I even sleep naked I hate wearing clothes I just wish I could go and do things outside naked but I have too many neighbors for that but if its too hot in my home I will sit outside naked like around 2-3 in the morning

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    • so you was outside naked around your home

    • yeah, doing a bit of gardening and sun bathing!

  • I like clothes. :)


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  • God himself made Adam and Eve's their first clothes, so it's good to be in stuff. I can't imagine visiting someone and them inviting me in with their junk swinging this way and that. It just feels wrong being naked even when I'm alone


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