Girls : Why do you wear revealing clothes ?

Does your confidence increase if people ogle/stare at you ?


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  • I think that women wear revealing clothing because they feel more confident and sexy in the clothes. We feel like we look good so we have more confidence in ourselves. I don't think that it has anything to do with having people "ogle" at us. Its a psycological thing.

    • But then don't you think crimes like rape & molestation happen because of this ?

    • No I think crimes such as rape and molestation happen because those people who rape and molest do not know how to control themselves and thier urges. No matter how slutty or revealing a woman is dressed a man doesn't have the right to sexually assualt her. Yes the woman may be dressed that way for attention but just being dressed like that does not mean that she is asking to be assualted....individuals that justify rape by saying this are diluted.

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  • Well, it depends on everyone's personal definition of revealing. To some people, a plain T-shirt is revealing; to others, a bikini is plenty of coverage.

    Personally, I do not want to be ogled; I do not want to be stared at. I would like to make a positive, put-together impression, or at the very least a sort of neutral, normal impression. So I wear relatively unrevealing clothes in well-matched colors in my day-to-day life, but it can be a lot of fun to wear a lowcut, tight little dress and just have fun with it.

    • "Fun" in which sense ? Does it have anything to do with giving the boys a hard-on ? Or sexcite them ?

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  • but I like them revealing seeing it on girls,and dey look good on them.

    • Of course ! Every boy on the planet likes women in revealing clothes !!!