My natural highlight didn't show up this year?

My hair I usually a light brown/sandy blonde color in the fall and winter but but when it comes to summer, it usually turns a full blown blonde. Sometimes just the tips, other times my whole head. It's weird that my hair hasn't gotten any lighter considering I'm outside all the time. I don't know if this would help, but I have had my period for about a year an a half now and last spring/summer my hair was really light. Any tips on assisting the highlights are welcomed but I also want I know why my hair is being this way.


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  • Summer sun can make our hair more lighter but than people who tend to stay in more their hair is lot darker also depends if your dye your hair, are you on any new medication, change in your shampoo, change in your diet , taken any supplements or vitamins.. Where you live as the sun not been out much?

    • No, I don't use any kind of hair dye whatsoever and I haven't changed my diet/took any new kind of medication. This is why I am confused. Also, I live in northern Illinois. There has been plenty of sun.

    • Oh wow i did hear that we can have hard water can cause problem with hair color

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