Easy first time cosplay ideas?

I'm going to HadouCon, which is an event my library is putting on. I'm not entirely sure what Hadou means, but the description was that there would be panels on manga and anime, and it was for stuff like that. Cosplaying is encouraged, so I want to come as someone. I've never cosplayed before but I love dressing in costumes. I don't know who to be, and it has to be sort of simple. I've read quite a bit of manga, but I've never really watched anime. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes, so I'm trying to find a character that looks sort of like me so I don't have to buy a wig. I have a short white and blue wig, but I don't know any characters like that.
Rave Master and Case Closed are my favourite series, but I've also read stuff like Naruto, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha, a bunch of magical girl manga and shojo ones. I also read some webcomics, but I only really know Girl Genius and The Zombie Hunters. I work at a library, so if you think of a character that sounds like it would fit from something else, I can get the manga easily. Also, since I work in the same library system as the one running the event, these people are sort of my coworkers so I don't want to show too much skin.


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  • Best cosplays are those where you use your natural appearance instead of a wig, or contacts?
    What is your body type, hair and eye color?

    • My eyes are hazel and my hair is brown and quite long. My body type is athletic.

    • I thought I do it for you, but it crossed my mind it's better to tell you. Google Anime Character Database. It's huge it'll be more than enough.
      Enter your physical specifications and click search. It will throw out a characters you look most like and you pick something that looks easy to do and that you like.

    • Sounds awesome, I'll look it up. Thank you! :)

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  • Well my girlfriend is cosplaying as a maid for AnimeExpo like this week. It seems simple enough, a maid outfit and any hair fits. I remembered seeing a maid with a blue/white hair in an anime but I can't seem to recall.


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