It seems like all the girls at the beach have body piercings now days is this true?

I was at the beach last weekend , I like the beach but don't get there that often. I have always noticed there seems to be a lot of young women with tattoo's and piercings the last few years. and they seem to becoming even more common than in years past around here at least, I mean for last number of years has always been some girls with them but there seems to be more of them now , pretty much just about every girl that I saw in her late teen's - early 20's had her belly button pierced and I even saw much older women with the piercing as well. and a lot of these girls if you saw them elsewhere you wouldn't suspect they'd be type to have any body piercings as they seemed more average girls not necessary party girl type. anyways that was just my observations
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  • some are but not all
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  • no haven't noticed many piercings at beach
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  • I think it's a cute fun look so I'm not surprised a lot of girls have it


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  • I guess it's because they want something to shine on them - to catch the sun...
    I understand it and think it's beautiful, but would never do it myself.


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