What should I buy going for shopping soon?

I am thinking to go for shopping with one of my frnd and m really confused what is in fashion these days for boys can anyone help


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  • can we chat here? im using psp so ican read mssgs but can't rply... can we?

    • Yeah sure dear wherever u say

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  • i guess the sales person will be of great help to you

  • It depends on you, pick out what you like and see if it matches.
    wear some blue jeans and a t shirt any type of shoe.
    Or a collared shirt with a sweater and a nice watch with white shoes and pants if you wanna be a little fancy.

    • Nice taste but which color is your fav?

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    • What country are you from? If it sounds creepy you dont have to answer, but i think fashion trends are different everywhere.

    • India hmm of course fashion is at most different in evry country

  • simple. nice fitted shirts !! so sexy n classy

    • Okz I will buy one but which colour girls like on boyz :p

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