Ladies, closet purge. Keep or trash? Long sleeve button downs?

Ladies. What do you think of men in button downs worn casually? Have several, including an old Levi's chambray, some white, gingham and plaids that I am pondering to keep or toss. Some are old most in great shape. Does this look suit you ladies or is it too dressed up for everyday wear?
Please let me know.
Which I had a girlfriend right now that would embrace the "boyfriend" look with them.


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  • HOT! Keep them! I love it when a guy wears button up shirts. It makes them stand out IMO. Mainly because most guys just wear t-shirts. Which is also fine, but button ups just class up the look a bit more.

    • Thank you. I have to say a woman in a nice button up is hot too..

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  • I wear long sleeve button up "dress" shirts on the daily with some dark jeans and semi casual boots, works for me. I leave it untucked, but that means it HAS to be the right length or else you're going to look stupid. Some of my shirts, they need to be tailored because they are a bit too long, so until I get around to that, I just use them on the days where I need the more professional look and end up tucking them in anyway.


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  • i like them white

  • I love button downs on men. It looks "put together", tasteful, mature. Its a really nice look that sets you apart from the other guys just wearing plain graphic tees.

    Whats the "boyfriend" look?

    • Boyfriend look is: as in boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirt. These are typical in JCrew catalog.
      I like your input. I think too that these shirts look sharp and make me feel rather well dressed. My Denim shirt I'd showing its age. Do you think wearing a shirt with wear and tear defeats the purpose of a nice shirt?

    • Oh forgot to state, I think it is super sexy when a woman wears her man's shirts.

    • Ohhh okay, i've seen that look before.
      Thank you :)
      Nope, I love anything that's denim that has wear and tear. It's durability is what i think separates it from other fabrics or "materials".

      And I agree, a woman in a mens shirt is always a cute thing haha

  • if me and the guy is hanging out, i prefer that he'd wear whatever makes him comfortable. button down with jeans is a nice casual look.

  • That is soooo so hot! One of the sexiest things a guy can wear.

    • That helps! Think that a shirt tucked in or untucked is better?
      Then, do you think guys look good in denim/chambray shirts that are a little frayed here and there? Frankly, I want to keep mine if it looks good to women.

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    • Won't let me link, but if you search "distressed denim shirt" tons will show up. Would you look twice seeing a guy in one?

    • Not a big fan of the denim but some can really pull it off

What Guys Said 1

  • If they for well keep them they are staples. If they don't fit well get rid of them


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