How to make a school uniform work for boys and impress females?

It's summer and I'm already going insane thinking on how to dress with my school uniform. It's a blue buttoned shirt (short and long) with black dress pants (which they don't enforce well, I can get away with any color/shade of jeans).

I want to impress the females but also look good to the guys. Not in a gay way as you might think, but as a friend, as in "I'm not trying hard, Wassup?" attitude to both sexes.

Can you please help me? Also what to wear in PE (No uniform rules in PE)

I'm also 13.


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  • Wear the shirt unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up. The easiest thing to wear under that is a white v-neck. For pants, get some colored skinny jeans. Not form-fitting skinny, but enough to see the shape of your legs. For shoes, wear converse (high-top, any color except white) or skating shoes.

    • Thanks. I will try this. I won't be getting Converse though, not my style, but I'll try everything else.

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  • To be honest, the way it fits will make all the difference, especially with uniforms. If you can, take your clothes to a tailor.

    And dont forget the two most important garments ever: confidence and a sense of humor


    • Thanks, this helped! I'll take em to a tailor before school starts by a few and sense of humor and confidence is huge checkmark.

    • glad i could help !

  • There isn't much you can do with a uniform, but you can get a decent haircut to imply style. Try to look up what kids your age are getting and find a haircut that looks good on someone with your facial shape. Ask your hairdresser.

    • I am developing a new haircut, so thanks for the incentive to focus on it more.

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  • Make it a tight fit shirt and a good looking chino would look grt


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