I'm thinking on laser hair removal. What are pros and cons?

As a guy I have less body hair than most of guys and my body hair is thin like boys before their adolescence.
My problem is with my face hair (NOT beard) . Because of seborrheic dermatitis I need to use an skin product and its side effect is making hair thick.
I decided to go for laser hair removal but not sure yet because it can has side effects too.


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  • I went to American Laser for my back & it didn't work for me. They claimed 6 treatments W/ a 2 yr guarantee. I befriended an aesthetician & when she was leaving the co. she told me that they knew damn well that certain areas take more then 6 weeks. That's why they give you the 2 yr. guarantee.
    Look for a money back guarantee (which I didn't) Go to a Dr's office that provides this service. They'll be more honest with you then a sales rep. on commission.


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  • The hair follicle that gets zapped will never recover, so be sure you want it gone for serious.


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