Should I get a tongue piercing or not (questions below)?

Advice anyone?—So I am a 17 year old male in high school, and I will be going into the Air Force as my lifelong career. I have always been curious about getting a tongue piercing. I like piercings (on girls) to a certain extent, but no crazy all over the face stuff. But tongue piercings are just SO beautiful and are SUCH a turn on. A tongue piercing is probably the only one I would seriously consider, but I'm curious about it all. Liiiike:
1. How easy/hard is it to remove the piercing (I guess that's what the term would be) from my tongue?
2. What do you think the social backlash would be from wearing it? I'm just trying to figure out when it would be socially acceptable in the atmosphere for me to be wearing it. School? Parties? Military (jk, obviously not)?
3. How noticeable do you think it would be both when it is in and when it is out? I mean, I'm not going to stick my tongue out at anyone, but I'm sure some will still notice, but how noticeable is it?
4. Let's say I removed the piercing for seven days, would the hole begin to heal, or not? Let's say 6 weeks.
5. How much does a tongue piercing usually cost?
6. If I end up regretting the decision, will the piercing eventually heal, or not?

Thank you for helping me with all this! I'm sure that you cannot answer them all, and that's okay. But thanks for helping and thanks for reading! :)


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  • I got my tongue pierced when I was 14 and you could only see it when I had my tongue out. Its not the same for everyone, but if the piercer can pierce it far enough back, no one will notice when you talk. (After its healed) it cost me about 30 bucks but it can range anywhere from 20-50. I have had my tongue ring out for over a year now, and I can still put one in at any time.( but that's not the case with everyone.) With most people, your piercing will close after about a month or two.( but I had one in 24/7 for about 3 years before removing it) and I think that piercing will be acceptable ( even in the military) I've known many people who are I, the service with that piercing. If you do end up not liking it, you can remove it, and pretend it never happened, you can see where mine is pierced. But honestly, who inspects your tongue? I'd say go for it. If you want to

    • Well, in MEPS (military entrance processing station) they examine every inch of your body from top to bottom, so they would inspect it there (sorry if I go backwards by the way). I just don't want for people to see it (people who are assholes) and then make fun of it, since not only am I a guy but a military man. And not being rude, but usually guys with piercings are those kinds that don't live very organized lives, and don't usually dress well and all. I know that not all guys with piercings are like that, but society has built a stereotype around that. Also, I am worried about how my parents would react to this want. I am 17 so I can get it by myself in February, but even still, they would probably see it eventually. How did you get yours at 14?

    • In Colorado it's legal for minors to get tattoos and piercings with parental consent, and I have very open minded parents. I'm not sure where you live But in the the west, tattoos and piercings are becoming very accepted, I have never met someone with a tongue ring and thought" oh he doesn't have his shit together." If you took your piercing out for MEPS, they shouldn't give you grief about it.

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  • Its easy to take out and put back in but it will close if out for 20 minuted or so, I had mine done when I was 17 no one really noticed except for guys who were just little horn dogs anyway lol. Its not very noticable depending on how you talk, if you talk with your mouth wide open yeah its noticable lol but I've began to not care if people notice. Im sure it would begin to heal given it starts closing after a good 20 minutes, mine costed 30 dollars. Yes it will heal.


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  • Don't do it. Like seriously, don't. You're better than that. You've got a potential career in the Air Force. Don't mutilate yourself.


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