Looks wise and personality wise, what features do you look for in a girl (specifically)

like what makes a girl "hot" or "beautiful" or "pretty" what are somethings you notice about a girl


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  • SO many things!

    All girls look great when they TRY.. however they can't try too hard (you know who you are.) Lots of guys will love a girl just for her hair. (Some die for reds, some kill for brunnettes.)

    Personality? There are a few things most guys love. Confidence, laid back, funny, and intelligent. You pull off all that? you got it made with just about any guy.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh, and if all else fails- Girls can hit on guys too! (Just be sexy about it!)

    • Omg I have a question!!!! wht is it about red heads that makes guys so dam hot! like I'm a brunette blonde I guess but it seems all guys like redheads!

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  • I think what makes a woman beautiful is her hair(brunettes and blondes) Eyes and her smile, and if she is taking care of herself.

    Personality and heart are the biggest things a woman needs to attract me..Looks fade but a womans heart is where it is at!

    Hope that answers this question!

  • a sweet laugh

    and something with her dressing style.

    RED color always works.



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