Are body piercings popular where your from in the world?

that's sort of the question are body piercings popular where your from in the world? as there is users on this site from just about everywhere. I seemed to think of piercings as a north American thing , I'm from Canada and they've been popular here for a number of years now. belly button and nose being some of the most common but others being done as well. I noticed when browsing Facebook that there are other areas where there popular too like Europe , Australia and south America its common practice now as well areas like belly button to be pierced.
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  • I live in Canada too (Toronto), and I don't know, I've never paid much attention to what piercings someone has. Most women here have their ears pierced, and nose piercings seem to be popular. What seems to be all the rage here is people stretching their piercings (gauging, or whatever it's called). That is so gross.

    • I don't get to Toronto much , but was at wasaga beach north of city other weekend , its popular destination for a lot of young people from Toronto area and it was just full of piercings and tattoo's that day , just about every girl 18-20's had her belly button pierced and a lot of young women with tattoo's as well , I also have noticed not at beach but when elsewhere a lot of younger women now have tragus area of ear pierced that seems to be very popular at moment , I see that one on a lot of younger women now its almost common , but a few years ago no one had it

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  • Very popular here in Finland. Probably because metal is so extremely popular genre here.


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  • In Seoul, ear piercings are common. However, once you start piercing other spots (lip, tongue etc.) you're considered the rebel. A lot of people are conservative here.

  • I don't know but I live in Canada as well and my nose is pierced. I have had it pierced for 11 years now

  • Belly button, nose, ears, nipples lol


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