Guys why would you randomly touch a girl's hair?

I have known this guy for a while and there seems to be some physical attraction..however things have never developed between us (there are certain issues there not worth going into). Couple of days ago..he held his gaze whilst I was talking to him, I would look away then look back and he was still staring, I didn't understand why, then out of no where he used both his hands to run his fingers through my hair, then he complimented me on my new hair style. He just would not let it go he told me three times during the time we were together that he likes my new hairstyle? What does it mean? why did he have to touch my hair?


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  • Guys almost always show their affection physically through touching of that nature. Chances are he likes you and is comfortable with you.

    • Sorry to sound like a typical women...but what does that mean? I mean I need some more info bout it please.

    • Yea you definitely do sound like a typical woman. lol. Anyway guys usually find a girls hair very attractive and feminine, thus most like to touch it to show their interest in the girl. Since he is always touching your hair that may be his favorite physical attribute of you.

      Besides that its just basic instincts for a guy to be touchy with a girl he's interested in.

    • Thank you

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