Is it normal to be attracted to someone with the same build as you?

Just wondering if I'm being short-sighted or not. I'm an athlete, have a BMI around 18 and look for someone with a similar build. I tend to go for girls with decent height (not shorter than 5'4"), who run or play another cardio-intense sport. I love tall girls. If she's muscular, that's awesome too.

I find it even extends as far as me not being attracted to someone with a heavier build. I don't know if it's bad or not, but I'll be friends with them, just am not attracted to them. The type of girl I like... look up soccer midfielders or runners. They're the type I'm attracted to.

I'm just wondering, Is this normal or am I being too selfish?
What I described... That's the female equivalent of my build. Just trying to be specific.


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  • No I agree with you. I want a guy around my build it makes me feel like we fit well. I don't know it just I want someone I feel is around my body weight. Deff not more skinny Ill feel like Ill break him lol haha. I guess I can be ok with bigger but try abouy my build or bigger.


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  • 1.) Average female height is 5'4''

    2.) That's completely normal, people look for a mate similar to their own structure because of the fact that it hints at similar daily routine (In terms of how active).


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  • totally normal.. everyone have their standards... i want a 6ft3 and above guy and fit..
    not looking like "the rock (recent)" though...

  • Nope its just your preference.

  • No, not at all. Its just your personal preference.


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