People who want themselves rated for looks online - are they insecure or need an ego boost?

I have always wondered why so many people want their looks to be rated on a scale on the internet. I personally feel that only highly insecure people would want random strangers on the internet to rate their looks. Its not like they are gonna get into relationships with these people. So why should it matter what strangers rate, as long as their close ones are fine with their looks?

And also, what surprises me is that people who are extremely good looking (and they know it), still want their looks rated. Is this because they already know they'll get 8s and 9s, and would want a boost to their already inflated ego?

Of late, these 'rate me' kind of questions have increased exponentially, on GAG as well as other sites. And surprisingly, they're being asked equally by both genders, although its usually women who obsess more over their looks.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's fucking annoying. People don't even rate accurately, imo. It ends up being just a shower of meaningless compliments that I imagine the person being rated lives off of for a few hours and then wants to... replicate. I don't know. I'm insecure as fuck but I'm never going to ask a rate me question because a) i know people are not going to be honest b) compliments from strangers means nothing if it isn't validated by IRL actions.

    • Its A and B, on your poll.

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    • yeah I think if you want more honest feedback, it's gotta be anonymous with every participant getting the same "reward", if any. If there is any sort of competition for a Best Answer and some sort of reward for obtaining it, there is going to be some ass-kissing. If "points" are on the line, all of a sudden a 4/10 girl gets upgraded to at least a 7/10.

    • I don't think it has a lot to do with points... more like... people being overly generous.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I just want to get an opinion on my pics really. Thats why i do it sometimes. Female opinion is always good

    • Why should the opinion of random females matter to you, because its not like they're gonna become your friends or girlfriends? And also, whatever their opinion, it doesn't change the way you look, right? So why bother asking for opinions?

    • "Why should the opinion of random females matter to you, because its not like they're gonna become your friends or girlfriends?"
      It's a good idea to get the opposite genders opinion so that you can change yourself accordingly if they mention that you could style your hair or trim your eyebrows.

    • Yeah, but random people tend to be mean more often than not. Besides, photos o0r not an accurate description of how a person looks. Usually, people look much better in pictures than in person. Anyway, there shouldn't be an issue if you just want female opinion on your hair, eyebrows etc. But what about those who what to be only rated for their looks?

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What Girls Said 3

  • I would personally never do it, it's to much of a risk, and I would be pretty sad if I got low scores.
    i don't really care about other people doing it. Sometimes I think it's real, and honest insecurity, from people who actually don't know if they are pretty. But most of the time, I feel like it's just pretty girls showing off, and fishing for compliments.

  • Honestly, I asked because I feel insecure about my appearance. I needed a confidence boost to ask out the guy I like.

  • I did it because I was bored and knew I would get high scores... but I only got 10s so it was a waste of time.


What Guys Said 4

  • narcs, or insecure

  • I give you 7/10 my friend

    • Well... that doesn't answer my question, but thanks anyway. Even when I don't ask, people have often rated me on a wide range, from 2/10 to 9/10. But no online strangers would be able to rate my personality/nature, and people who know me have almost always rated me a perfect 10/10 for this. And that's all that matters to me.

  • They just need to know. I love those Qs :D

  • What's the difference


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