Need help deciding on a new haircut.

I'm getting my haircut on Friday, and I need some help. My hair right now is kind of flat and boring, so yeah, I want something different :)


Those are some haircuts I'm kind of interested in. Some of them would be tweaked a little (my bangs would not be in my face).

So which one do you like best? Oh, and I'm also open to suggestion. I'm looking for something that's choppy with a lot of layers, and not too long.


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  • I like the cut of the bottom left one, but not the color as much. You best bet is layers and some styling cream so that the layers show and give your hair more body and volume.

  • Do you like short haircuts? Hows not too long? I think the hairstyle with the blue top looks pretty.

    • Too long for me wold be past my collarbone. I think the one with the blue top is my favorite..not completely sure though.

    • Well, ill have a look and see if there is anything I can find. Just don't cut your hair like cassie ! I beg you!

    • Thanks :)

      Ha, and don't worry I would never do that to my hair lol.