What kind of way do GUYS like girls to dress?

do you [guys] like girls to dress...

  • Elegant and neat
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  • Sassy and fashionable
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  • Short clothes and flesh showing
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  • In a different style every time you see them
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Most Helpful Guy

  • A mixture of Elegance, Class and Fashion. I guess I am kind of old school when it comes to what I like to see a woman in but I have never really cared for the Sk8tr Punk thing, nor the gothy black nail polish thing, not that it would stop me from liking a girl. But at the end of the day whatever she feels comfortable in would work for me.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Classy. Not too much skin showing. I don't want to feel like I'm taking an escort to a bar, I want to take my girlfriend to a nice dinner and movie. Skinny Jeans and a band t-shirt, Shorts and tennis shoes with a good looking top. It doesn't matter really. As long as I won't be embarrassed to show you to my parents.

  • I love girls that wear little clothing so it shows off their legs and cleavage. It's a real turn on

  • jeans and shirt or T-shirt


What Girls Said 1

  • A woman can dress elegantly and still give off an air of sexiness,without having to give up anything.Picture a woman in a gorgeous evening gown with a full slit,maybe showing a little leg,or a sexy cocktail dress and some heels.Got your blood going now?It doesn't always have to be a Madonna look,to be attractive or even sexy.