What clothes/styles do guys find attractive on girls?

What kind of clothes do you like to see a girl in? Do you like when she is wearing casual dresses or something more sexy and professional like a pencil skirt, a blouse, and heels? Would you rather see her in something simple like a plain white tee and some skinny jeans or a big long sleeved t-shirt, some panties, and knee socks? What type of clothes attracts you to a girl? And what about the way she carries herself makes you want her? Do you like when she wears bold makeup or more of a natural look? Do you like longer hair or shorter hair, curled, straight, etc? Painted nails or acrylic nails? Do you like when she has noticeable confidence or is that something that is intimidating?


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  • I'm a fan of simple understated styles at each formality level. The casual natural look is best because anything else seems like she's trying to project something that's not there naturally. What you see is what you get, girl next door kind of stuff. Too much style is actually kind of a turnoff for me.

    The most attractive women to me are
    1. Happy/Healthy
    2. Confident
    3. Into interesting stuff.
    4. Smart.
    5. Into me (that's the hard one to find, lol)
    6. Funny
    7. HONEST. That means no painting themselves up to look like something they aren't. A bit is fine, too much isn't.

    The rest of the stuff like dress, hair, and makeup depends on the situation.


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  • I have a strong preference for dresses and skirts. I'm absolutely nuts for stiletto pumps. I like classy with a trashy bent. Push up bras and G-strings or boy shorts underneath. I like her to strut her stuff when she's with me. I love watching the other guys gawk and their women giving them a wicked elbow to the ribs.

  • I'm crazy about girls in dresses. Not really the formal ones, more like sun dresses and stuff like that. They look so feminine. Skinny jeans, Leggings and Skirts. T-shirts, hoodies, the big long sleeved shirts and panties and knee socks sound nice ;)

    I mostly prefer long hair but some women can pull off short hair nicely. A little makeup but not too much. Painted nails attractive too if they are bright colors.

  • A slightly more dressed up girl with heels. I like a girl that exudes a lot of confidence and it's all in how she takes care of herself, dresses and walks, etc. longer hair too. Nails and hands are a huge plus. A woman who takes care of her hands, has nice nails with a nice solid paint or French can make her look even more confident or sexier.

  • I can say I like just about everything girls wear. Y'all have the most amazing styles. From tight dresses, to cardigans, scarfs, heels, to flip flops. Yoga pants and a thong. Uhh I love it

  • causal dress..
    natural look
    longer straigh hair
    painted nails

  • Outfits for every occasion. Shouldn't be wearing evening gowns to baseball games, right?

  • I like the natural look myself. And nothing to fancy with the wardrobe. Skinny jeans, jeggings or anything tight is attractive in my opinion. Nothing better than seeing a woman exercise/work out in a spandex outfit. HOT


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