Girls have you had brazilian keratin hair smoothing done?

Girls have you ever had brazilian keratin hair smoothing done and what was the effect? is it worth that money?


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  • One of my friends had brazilian keratin treatment done, but there wasn't any noticeable effect She regretted it and she told me that it was a huge waste of money.

    • really? She had it done to straighten her hair or make it healthier?

    • She had it done to make it healthier.

    • okay, thank you for saying, then I won't do it

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  • No. I never would. I heard the keratin was kind of a chemical.

    • Our hair consists of keratin, but i know that stuff has formaldehyde which is really bad

    • I know and yes lol

  • Nooe, I have already very straight hair but a friend of mine did it and it looked amazing. Its def. worth the money.

    • Does her hair look healthier than before treatment?

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    • I think it was around 300 swiss francs but I am not sure

    • Ah ok) thank you very much! I also have very straight hair, but they are not shiny so i think may be this treatment will make them look better and less dry

  • No my hair is naturally wavy but I flat Iron it for a sleek look

  • It works amazingly well but you can overdo the protein and your hair can snap off so make sure you deep condition before and after you get it done. You can tell it's over proteined if it's dry and crunchy and stiff

    • Thank you! very helpful

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