Ever had your sunglasses adjusted?

So i work in a optical store and yesterday i had a customer who bought a marc jacobs sunglasses and they didn't sit as well, so went to our back room and heated it up to adjust it, when she tried it on again, it fit her perfectly but when i folded it to put in the case it sat slanted.. so im panicking thinking she might come back today.. im not at work today and maybe be mad?

I told her to try them on again to see if they feel slanted and she did and they were perfect, but i mean when you adjust them they are bound to not sit perfect in the case?


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  • I have them adjusted all the time. The frames loosen up and stretch through time so they need to be adjusted every now and then.

    And well about that customer. I don't see good reason why she would get mad, they fitted well in the shop. I've had to come back to adjust again a couple times and I was fine with it.


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  • I've worn glasses for 10 years now. I am pretty sure my two ears are not at the same height so my glasses would be slanted. I'm sure that's the case with her too so if they fit perfectly on her face then it shouldn't matter what is in the box.


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  • Yes I have had a pair of sunglasses adjusted.
    You adjusted them, then had her try them on again after the case slammed shut & were fine.
    Apparently her head is bent or the case is not straight & the glasses don't sit straight in them.
    The important thing is the glasses fit on her head.


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