What kind of person do I come off as? Be 100% honest!?

I wear cardigans , and just semi fancy shirts. Usually with flats, leather boots, sperries, converse, flip flops, or sling back sandals. Most of the time with jeans. I wear light natural makeup and body spray. I am usually quiet at school and I am attracted to jocks usually football players?
I get good grades. A's sometimes B's


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  • Well, you never said anything about the content of your head. I guess that's kind of important. Here's how I see this: If you're can only detail appearances like you did just above, then you're going to have to expect being treated by your appearance (which is a horrible way to be treated and degrading too). On the other hand, if you can cultivate something a little deeper than that, I'd say you're special. I'd say for now, you don't strike me as that different. Happy?

    • ok. I get prettygood grades and have a good sense of mind. Happy?

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    • ok then. I guess I am happy with that.

    • That answer right there. Remember it and stop asking people to rate you. Um... As long as you believe that you're fine, the moment you start caring about what people think about you, I'd say you dip into some kind of insecurity (don't do that). And as for jocks, you'll eventually get bored of them (that's if education teaches you that there are more fulfilling things in relationships than bruteness). Anyways, just be happy with that and stop subjecting yourself to people's opinions (more often than not they're arbitrary), and often people have biases and experiences that do not relate to yours anyhow.

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  • You come off as a teenager. Like every other teenager... You don't need to label yourself into a group (which is what you're doing when you're asking what kind of person you are). You don't need to be called "preppy, nerd, etc.."

    YOU ARE YOU. That's all that is important. Go on loving those muscly cuties and getting good grades, hun.


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  • To me you seem kinda shy, and maybe a little preppy, you also seem like the type to put all of her focus on school but if the right guy come theyre all you can think about. Haha thats just how you come off to me and its not a bad thing. :)

  • Casual, interested more in school than partying, liberal. You care about your appearance, but will not waste much time doing anything special. Clean cut, and easy to get along with. Neither girly nor tomboy, right in between. Pretty average, but not in a bad way.


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