Help with facial hair style!!!?

I usually don't do a lot with my facial hair mostly just trim it but lately I haven't been happy with the look of it since I mostly grow facial hair on my neck area and above my upper lip.

I don't want to grow out my beard I find it gets itchy if it starts to get to long but I can't seem to find a style of facial hair I like.

My main problem is the hair above my upper lip. I have been thinking lately that it looks weird but I also think trimmed hair on my neck without facial hair above my lip would look weird=/

Does anyone have any suggestions or know a picture of someone who has a similar situation and looks decent?
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  • My bf also complains about the itchiness once it gets to a certain length. I'll link you a picture of the length he lets it get to then he just shaves it off and lets it grow another 5-7 days then he repeats the process. Facial hair is manly but you can't have it in sporadic spots. Natural all over light scruffiness is the best in my opinion !

    ww. pinterest. com/pin/203717583118332425/ (p. s. that's not him but that's exactly the length his gets to and it covers neck, mouth, and lip ! add an extra w to the address : )

    • That would be a great look for me except my facial hair doesn't come that far up my cheeks yet=/ it seems to love to stick to being a neck beard lol

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    • That's actually scary how close that is similar to how my facial hair grows lol I will give that look a try tyvm=)

    • Glad I could help I bet you'll look great !

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  • I'd say either do the full face trimmed neatly or shave it all. Only keeping random parts like getting rid of the upper lip will just look odd. If you kept anything by itself, it should probably be on your jaw line, not your neck.

  • i usually like guys with a beard! it attracts them to me! but having your beard trim would be good since you don't want that style anymore I would say go clean shaven!


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