French song, name or lyrics please?

I heard a song but I dont know who sing it
neither I speak french, so could you help me?


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  • Can't hear the words too well, got none of the first line but the rest sounds like: Parce que je crois que je t'aime/À demain, ____/Moi, j'ai cherchée ______/ À matin
    Translates to Because I think I love you/tomorrow (can also mean see you tomorrow),____/I've searched____/This morning
    Any real french kids please correct me, it is summer and I get rusty over basic french sometimes.

    • Thanks, I couldnt find it yet.
      If only i could get more lines.. =/

    • You're welcome! Man I hate when that happens, good luck.

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  • It might just be store front music just made for the commercial. Unless you google that commercial and see if it were an actual song that was playing.


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