Girls, salon problem, please help? What should I do?

So basically in August my neighbor is getting married and my parents are godparents. And I wanna go to the salon I usually go to, to do my hair and make-up. BUT the problem is their program on Saturday lasts til 2 pm and I am supposed to leave the house only at 4:30 pm and they only do the work at the salon, they don't come at your home. And if I stay two hours at home with the hair and make-up , the hair will lose its waves or whatever, it will let loose (not loo as good) after a while and the make-up won't look as good as before after 2 hours :( And I don't wanna change the salon, since they do a great job and I'm used to go there, but I think I'll have to.
What should I do? Do it at the salon then wait 2 hours? or find a different salon? I am afraid they'll do it wrong.
Doing my own hair and make-up is not an option because I suck at it from not really wearing it.


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  • For makeup stay in an air conditioned area and use a setting spray like urban decay all nighter or model in a bottle. For hair ask for a strong hold hairspray and make sure she uses a prepping spray or mousse.

    • Thank you for most helpful! Good luck and don't cry cause that will ruin the makeup more than the heat will. You can also use a product like elf lock and seal to prevent eyeliner from smudging. Be sure to use an eyeshadow primer and a face primer.

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  • Yeah.. girls help her out..

    • You can help too :P It's not really a style matter it's only a "will my make-up melt and my hair loosen up" matter lol

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  • How are you getting it done?

    Curls: I heard some white girls wrap their hair in tissue. Just like wrap the tissue around your head. You can pin curl it. Which is a Bantu not pinned to your head then take them out write before the party. Straight or updo: satin cap

    For the make up just don't touch your face and stay in a well air conditioned room so you won't sweat.

    • Haha, I well the tissue thing, never heard of it, I've heard with papers though and tried , ended up like a sheep lol. Thank you for your answer :)

  • try out a different salon before then and see if they can get it right.

    • I don't wanna spend so much money twice (already paying dresses, shoes etc and they pay a part of the wedding since they're godparents) because it's not mine, it's my parents. Maybe the salons have pictures of people they worked with though and I could get and idea :D

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