Besides growing facial, smoking cigarettes, what can a young looking guy do to appear more attractive?

Let's say a guy looks hopelessly young and you've never been more turned off by this fact. Is there anything he can do to change that or is this the equivalent of a structural deformity that ensures he won't procreate?

I'm not looking for intangibles like personality change, etc. That doesn't help solve the ACTUAL problem.
"Besides" explicitly implies an exclusion of the following terms. I never claimed that I would resort to smoking, in fact I excluded that as a possibility. Just making sure you get that.
I just said explicitly implies. I meant to say explicitly excludes. NOOOOOOOOO!


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  • I'm attracted to older guys, but even I cannot resist a guy who is dressed well.

    So my suggestion is just to dress well, especially if you look "hopelessly" young. I would go for a blazer and some nice fitting pants. Baggy pants are really not in anymore. You can even get a leather jacket and pair with your regular t-shirts. Zara has a lot of clothes that really define a clean cut guy who will look not so "hopelessly" young.


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  • 1. A lot of even if not most (though I won't deny the latter) women find smoking unattractive - get that fixed in your head :)
    2. Facial hair isn't attractive to all women.
    3. Being attractive to a woman is not all about looks and a good body, it's about persona, demeanor, knowledge, sensitivity, understanding, accommodation (not referring to a house) etc
    4. Point 3 above helps solve the ACTUAL problem and never fails :) Women don't perceive the way guys perceive women :)

    • Number 3 makes a lot of sense.

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    • "Besides growing facial, smoking cigarettes" I'm not trying to be a dick, but what does that mean to you?

      I appreciate all the help. But this smoking thing is unhelpful noise because I never intended to smoke.

    • I wasn't implying in any way that you are trying to be a dick young friend :)

      Smoking apart from being unhelpful will be a difficult thing to kick once you've cultivated it :) that's the reason I urge you not to start up :) Those days when it was considered it was macho is long gone :)

  • Sheesh man, yea pick up smoking, you'll age faster.

    Though, most people view that as a bad thing...

    Seriously! Being young is awesome. You won't look young forever, and when you don't you'll wish you did.

    • For sure. This was my mindset and I've been taken back a few notches. I thought it was a blessing of biology but apparently not. Girls look for different things.

    • SOME girls do. Some girls like older guys, and you'll get those girls when you're older. But there are plenty that will like you for you.

      Just focus on you, stay in shape, work on having a sharp mind, and have control over your life. Relationships will be easy to come by when you yourself are in a good place. No worries!

  • The right kind of clothes can age a young man. Here's a tip: Jackets. Not hoodies. Leather jackets, blazers, denim jackets, collared shirts. I prefer long-sleeve shirts with the sleeves pulled up. That's the staple of style right there. I don't ever wear shorts unless I'm swimming or working out. Experiment with your hair. Find out which way your hair looks best. Growing a beard will make you look older, just keep it in check. Try shaving under the chin-line. This will emphasize a strong chin. Also, shoes make a big difference. Sneakers are all right, but I like my boots. The right kind of boots will look good on any guy. I'll be honest here, I've smoked cigarettes to look more attractive. Aside from all the women on here who say smoking is bad for your health, I say, yes, cigarettes can be extremely bad for your health IF YOU OVERDO IT! Yes, they can be addictive, but if you only do it occasionally then you shouldn't have a problem with knocking them. Be warned, some girls might be turned off by cigarettes, so if I was you, I would only smoke socially or when a girl around you starts smoking.

    • Here's another tip: If you can show women that you can smoke without having cigarettes control you, it'll show that you're disciplined but risky, so like I said, if you do decide to take up smoking, do it only every now and then.

  • Smoking cigs is unattractive as hell and not many would want to kiss you. I may not even walk near you if you're smoking because my throat tightens.

    Get some nice clothes and make sure your hair nice.

    • Oh come on, its like you didn't even read the title.

      But thanks for that last part. It at least, answers the question in some vague way. Thanks. :)

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    • -Facepalm-

      Oh you. :)

    • You know it's true! XD

  • Don't start smoking. It's not attractive. All girls might not like guys that look young but there are girls that do like it. Personally I don't have a problem with guys that look younger. But try dressing differently if you want.


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