Make up tips for Asians with hooded eyes?

I have hooded eyes and I'm asian. It's really annoying cuz whenever I wear makeup it only shows when I look down. Many Asians look gorgeous with hooded eyes, but I can't seem too look good in mine. Even non-asians like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence look really pretty with hooded eyes. Got any tips tips for me?


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  • I have hooded eyes and I am going to suggest one thing. WINGED EYELINER. It makes all of the difference in the world. You have to extend it so that it goes beyond your hooded eyelids. With hooded eyelids, you are destined to not be able to wear as much eyeshadow, but you can still do it if you extend it slightly higher so just keep checking by opening up your eyes to see where your shadow is when you're wearing eyeshadow.

    Also, I recently discovered that wearing fake lashes help. You can try it. I like having only the outer half.

    But most importantly, the winged eyeliner. That will be your best friend.

    • wow yr so right, winged eyeliner does make all the difference in the world. thanks so much!

    • You're welcome! Glad to be of help. :)

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  • Just apply a neutral skin toned eye shadow first and then a very thin slick of liquid liner on your upper eyelid winged out into a flick. Makes your eyes appear much larger.

    • ok, thanks :)

    • I'm Asian (indian) so wasn't sure if you meant south Asian or East asian. Either way, I have hooded eyes so do wear this style of eyeliner daily to make my eyes appear larger. It really does work.

  • I'm half-Korean half-white & have the worst hooded eyes ever. As someone else mentioned winged eyeliner is a God send! It's difficult at first but once you've got the hang of it it's amazing!

    Or you could try just focusing on the eyelashes? If I don't have time to do proper eyeliner, I just splash some neutral eyeshadow across my lids then slowly build my eyelashes up to monster lengths with mascara or create drama. If you have short/thin eyelashes, a little trick is to apply a small amount of baby powder between coats of mascara (letting it dry) to help create added thickness/length. :)

    • thx, the winged eyeliner seems to work really well for me! although I don't have the skill to do it well yet... thanks for the mascara tip as well :)

  • Girl I have uneven eyes and it's muuuccchhh harder to apply makeup for them than normal hooded eyes. People look down a lot more than they realize and I think eye makeup looks best while looking down. Anyways there are tons of YouTube videos try frmheadtotoe her makeup videos are awesome.

    • ya I understand, I have uneven eyes as well, ones so much bigger than the other

    • thanks anyways :)

    • I have one monolid one double lid. But good luck and check out those videos!

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