Help! What can I do to save ny hair?

Because of years of tight hairdos, pulling from clips and damage from chemicals, some parts of my hair have thinned out bafly. Some spots have even gone balled like no hair growth at all anymore. What can i do to regain thicker hair and re start hair growth in the bald areas


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  • It's called traction alopecia and lots of celebrities suffer from it, even Victoria Beckham has it. Please don't worry you will definitely regain your hair back. I had the same problem but now my hair is getting much better. So what I do: I have been taking complex vitamins, I changed my shampoo for SLS free, it's more gentle; I don't blow dry my hair, don't use iron; I make hair mask once or 2 times a week (I mix egg yolk, honey, olive oil, safflower oil, vitamin B12, B6, B2, avocado, aloe, sometimes I also put aroma oils, like sage, lavender and one more forget its name, then I put it on my hair and scalp, massage, wrap and keep for 1-3 hours), you can rub pepper tincture into bald spots, it improves blood circulation, also 2% Minoxidil improves circulation, you can even rub in berry juice; you can take fish oil. Good luck dear!

    • And you can check your blood iron, but if you have bald areas the reason is hardly iron deficiency

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  • Coconut oil (unrefined) Massage through scalp nightly.
    U can take vitamin pills like Biotin. Also look up "Hairfinity"

  • I had the same problem and later i found out it's because i didn't have enough iron in my body which causes the hair and nails to grow. It has nothing to do with hairdos... just go to a lab and take a blood test to see if you have low iron. Then the doctor will give you vitamins. Do you easily feel tired when doing sports and do you have dark circles under your eyes? If so it also means that you have low iron. But then again there could be other causes.


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