Ladies, do I look better with or without facial hair? and why?

i always had this inferior complexity with my face. people have always told me that i had a baby face, that i look too damn young for my age or that my face looks too damn innocent. it wasn't until i was 14 when i started growing facial hair that i saw a clear blue sky of hope.

but anyways until then i got out of one hole to fall into another because as i had let my facial hair grow people still criticize me because supposedly i appear to have poor hygiene with facial hair. others have told me that i look like a Taliban, Fidel Castro, and the list goes on (of people who are horrible looking)
  • with facial hair
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  • without facial hair
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  • you look good either way
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  • you look horrible either way
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  • I'm a big fan of CasaNorba and i want to see his results
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thanks everyone for those inspirational answers!


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  • a little bit of stubble is fine. because your hair is dark, it will always be more noticeable (compared to lighter guys). so just keep it to a minimum. (you will still look masculine)

    p. s. - there's nothing wrong with your face!


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