From the day I started wearing female undies I felt very comfy but since few days I am in pain in my lower region at the abdomen and sides and why?

Please guys tell me why is it happening and what is the problem in wearing them.. do tell me any solution.. please girls help.


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  • You're growing ovaries and a vagina.

    To change back to a man, change back to male underwear.

    • Hahah.. don't joke.. is it some kind of serious problem..

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    • I think she has a life and thats why she isn't on this site 24/7

    • yes i know.. dat her life is completely her.. and i m no one to interfear in it.. but want to b friends with her.. and i want to know her more..

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  • How much pain? Is the pain in your lower back too?

    • Nopes.. it only at the abdomen.. start.. of the elastic..

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    • I haven't been in any kind of disease and problem since my life.. but its d first one..

    • Whether you have or haven't had any illness is irrelevant. Something can be "brewing" then just hit you one day. Originally I was thinking kidney stones. But if there is no back pain it likely isn't that. But that's not saying it is not kidney stones. you could just be walking across the room. Get a really sharp pain in your back without warning and you'll collapse. Stones are a pain like you have never felt before. It can't be described.

      As I said don't wear them for a while if the pain continues go see your doctor.

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  • I don't know hey,, maybe coz its meant for females so it would be uncomfortable.. solution? get some briefs

    • I started wearing it only at nights.. and I felt like very comfortable but from 3 days I m feeling pain.. does the elastic of the panties do hurt u girls also.. and u also feel the pain in abdomen

    • no.. coz it was specifically designed for females and not males..

    • Hahahha

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