Is this a guy thing?

My guy knows I am struggling in a math class of mine so I ask for help a lot it's the subject that I am weakest in. Anyway I was complaining about how much I suck at math and he said well at least you have big knockers and that's all that matters. And I must have given him a dirty look because he tried to defend himself and said well when people look at you they don't think your gonna be a genius. Which just made it a lot worse I know that he was trying to cheer me up in a sick way. But I was wondering is that all that guys care about? and if they do see someone that has big boobs do they just assume that they are dumb?


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  • no your boyfriend is just an idiot


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  • Yes guys usually equate a girl with big boobs with somebody dumb. It just goes with the stereotype and honestly your trouble with math isn't really helping your case.

    He may have made a mistake by saying that, but at the same time you need to know how to take a joke.

    • I can take a joke but I mean I'm already self concius about my intellegence and it just wasn't a good time to say that. It's kinda like after having sex to say wow that was horrible but what can you expect from a guy with a small penis. He wouldn't take that joke very well. Do you know what I mean.

    • HAHAHA, thatd actually be hilarious. If you can't stop being sensitive about your short comings, then you will be offended a lot.

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