Anyone ever try to go for a look but...

Does anyone ever want to go for a certain look but you just don't have the right appearance for that particular look? I do. Maybe I have the look but I have mixed feelings about it. I probably could work the look but I am just not sure about it. What about you? Have you ever felt like that?


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  • All the time! I'm always trying to fix myself to look a certain way. I may think I'm pulling it off but in the back of my mind i probably am saying I look nothing how I'm trying to look.

    I least i try and put effort into dressing nice.

    • If that's you in your profile pic you're really attractive! Whatever look you're trying to pull off is working.

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    • @HeatherJaney what makes you say that? Haha

    • Reverse searched your picture it's fake

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  • I tried all sorts of "looks" as I was growing up. Now I just wear bluejeans and a white tshirt because it's a classic style that still looks good.


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  • Yea I felt that way sometimes, but then I figured sometimes its how you do your hair that it will fit with an outfit. You just need to try be creative and mix and match your clothes by checking what's in your closet that fit with so and so clothe sometimes you'll be surprised of what you come up with that will look good (:


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