Girls, I'm 5f2in tall and in need of jeans?

Being a short person, All the jeans I have had in the past were always baggy, especially at the ankles. And when I went to forever 21 to get shorter jeans, it ended up being to short and ended up halfway up my ankles. It irritates me. I also have big thighs, and I'm pigeon toed, so after a few months of owning a pair of jeans, the material on the upper part between my inner thighs, are always ripped up from walking. This irritates me. I really want a pair of jeans that will show off my legs, not hide them. I want jeans that will make my ass look awesome, and hugs every part of my legs just right. But nothing really tight. Where should I shop to get a pair of jeans like that? I see other other girls my height who wear those jeans and they look amazing. I weigh 127 pounds if that helps.


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  • Hi! :)
    I'm 5'0 exactly so often buy from petite ranges aswell and sometimes the fit is just not good :/
    I'm not sure if you already do but try wearing hipsters where the jeans sit around your hips and not up round your waist. I had a friend who used to do that because she had a bit of a tummy and preferred her jeans higher up to cover it, which resulted in the jeans being too far up the ankle.
    You could also buy skinny jeans or slim leg jeans and just turn up or roll the bottoms a bit which is actually kind of fashionable anyway :)

    • Thanks, that helped a lot. :)

    • Sometimes it just ends up being a day of shopping round and seeing what fits best I think but good luck finding some! You're not alone with this don't worry lol and you're welcome :)

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  • Having a seamstress/alterations tailor slim the legs (if they start tapering too late) and hem jeans is probably a lot cheaper than you realize.

    Get ones that fit great through hips and thighs, and then adjust from there, if you can't find a cheap brand that works for you.

    I'd stay away from 'pre distressed' too since their fake knee wear is probably in the wrong spot.


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  • Get skinny jeans since they don't look bad scrunched on the bottom. American eagle and other places have "short jeans." Seamstresses can work wonders.

  • Try American Eagle, Gap, and Express.

    Diesel if you have the $$$$.

    • I brought some Diesel jeans once for a party then took them back afterwards for a refund :P

      The lady didn't look impressed.

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