What is the difference between the two programs?

I am looking at two diff programs. One is cosmetology and one hair styling program. Cosmetology teaches u about hair, makeup and nails which is what i want to do. But i see that the hair program has courses on nails and makeup. Does the hair program qualify u to work with makeup and nails? Its the hair program at marvel


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  • I am from Ontario Canada. Hair styling would only get you a minimum wage job working for tips at a general hair salon. Cosmetology would get you a slighter higher than minimum wage job usually at a drug store. Both would have little chance for any career advancement or any real money.

    • I am a kindergarten teacher. This is just a passion that I would like to do part time. So even though the hair styling program offers courses on makeup and nails, it doesn't make it a cosmetology program? isn't cosmetology the practice for hair nails and makeup?

    • Yes, sorry, Cosmetology is basically the study the makes someone an expert in the area of makeup, skin and beauty products. This also included hair styling, colouring, nails and skin tones.

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