Has China gone Communist because the Chinese women look so good in red?

It may not be the only reason, but it's a style question, so only serious stylistic responses, please. No racists or feebery.


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  • Traditional Chinese wedding gowns are red - even prior to communism. Red is associated with luck, honor,success, etc.

    • Yes, and I know the color red is a 'lucky' color, the color of the envelopes they give at New Year's.

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  • omg lol. I'm afraid not

    it's because of the cultural revolution and part of it was due to other countries trying to colonize China which included Japan when they occupied the majority of the geographical area of China including 'Manchu' in the early 1900s.

    • I still suspect the growth and durability of the regime is helped by the women in red. It certainly impresses me!

  • Seriously? Does that honestly seem like a legitimate reason to choose a political system in your mind? Studies have shown that men are more attracted to women who wear red, yet the entire world isn't Communist.

    • No one else loooks THAT good in red.

    • It's still a stupid reason. Any country that went Communist mainly because the women looked good in red would be a global joke.

  • I remember thinking the same thing when I watched the Chinese women's volleyball team at the Olympics..

    All kidding aside, it's an argument for staying on the socialist road!

    Especially since the fall of the Gang of Four and the access to stylish clothes. Of course, the women weren't ALLOWED to pay attention to style before 1976 , so I guess we can't say they WENT communist because of it. When they went communist, everyone wore baggy unisex things. Almost everyone, anyway.


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