Which do you find more beautiful?

I've been told I'm very beautiful because I'm a dark skinned/black girl with white/european features, but i think that white women/fair skinned women with features that are most commonly found in black/africans are considered more beautiful than black with white/european features. Lots of white tumblr and instagram models have a lot of features that are most commonly found in black/africans.

I think according to society's beauty standard the people with brown-black skin are never as beautiful as the lighter skinned people regardless of features (if everyone is in perfect physical condition and not fat or deformed).
  • European features on a black/dark skinned girl
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  • African features on a white/fair skinned girl
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Kerry Washington and Scarlet Johanson look very similar but Scarlet is considered way more beautiful.




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  • it depends on the actual face. Kerry and scarlette aren't really all that pretty to me, theyre both on the same level.


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  • Well, I don't know how much stock you'll put in another straight girl's opinion on the matter, but I think all skin colors are beautiful on women and men. I've dated outside my race, there is something kind of exotic about it because even the fun zones are shaded differently, you know? I think Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women, and she's a black woman with "white" features.

    • Really. I think people would consider Scarlet Johanson more beautiful than Halle Berry.

    • Scarlet Johannson is younger, she's got that on Halle. Personally, I think Halle Berry, in her youth, still had it all over her. Maybe that's because I see things in Halle I'd like- gorgeous mocha skin, smoldering brown eyes. I can't tan to save my life, so I guess it's something I admire.

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