Girls, what are the best ballerina flats a guy can wear?

Please don't suggest men shoes that might look as good or as alternatives, I'm asking for woman's flats, you can be rude if you want but for the mature ones I would love to read your answers.


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  • Leather ones. They feel best

    • Got me a pair of black leather Vince camoto flats and they are the most comftarble flats ever, I'm gonna go leather all the way now hahahah =:D

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  • A man technically isn't a 'ballerina', that's a female ballet dancer :) I was a ballerina for men years and men should wear some decent leather or canvas flats. If you're a first time dancer, get full sole flats because it will help strengthen you're entire foot, once your arch has been worked enough and your feet are strong enough men can usually go onto wearing split soles or en pointe :)

    Women's shoes are pretty much the same, you want good quality leather or canvas (leather is best) preferably with the cross straps. Split sole will give your feet a better appearance but aren't great for beginners because the sole isn't completely flat. You want your feet and ankles to become strong before moving onto split sole and en pointe, especially because men are carrying more weight on their feet :)

    • *ten years lol

    • I'm not a dancer, I was mainly asking about ballerina flats as in the casual street shoes not slipper dancing kind. But thanks for the tips they where still informative so thank you anyway.

  • hmm.. idunno. Do you care if they're not cared for men (as in not as padded and supportive of the arch)?

    I generally just get flats I think are cute. You can never go wrong with a solid black flat.

    • No I don't care, I have collapse arches anything with even the slightes arch hurts my feet really really bad, old football injury, whole reason why I wear ballet flats and I think they are cute too.

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