Girls, do you think boxer briefs are sexy or not sexy?

1) Do you think box briefs are sexy?

2) In the links below, which pair would you say is sexier? If you don't like either one or just don't like boxer briefs in general, you can answer that too.

3) What do you like/dislike about them?



  • #1 is more sexy!
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  • #2 is more sexy!
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  • Both are sexy!
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  • Neither are sexy!
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  • I'm a guy, show me the results
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If you don't think either are sexy, please say why if you would like. Thanks!


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  • Boxer briefs are sexy but I find it very unsexy that the links you posted are if yourself in your underwear. I don't think this was a legit question as much as it is you wanting to find out what girls think of you personally otherwise the comparison would be between briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs.

    • I don't care if people think I'M hot or not as much as the individual colors of the underwear. I tried taking a pic of them laid out on the bed, but it just kinda looked dumb. Sorry, didn't mean for this to offend you.

  • I like the second one


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