Ladies what are your views on measurements?

What do you consider perfection? What do you think society's idea of perfect are? What are your actual measurements?


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  • It's pretty lame that people base attractiveness on measurements, considering there are so many factors besides that that make someone attractive. It says a lot about humans' natural tendency to want to quantify everything. I think numbers are only useful for looking at things objectively, for example to measure how many inches one has gained or lost over a certain amount of time. People associate a larger number with fat, when oftentimes it's actually GOOD muscle. My measurements are 30 in. Bust, 24 in. Waist, and 36 in. Hips.


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  • I'm a 32-25-32

    I think that society's idea of perfect is something like 40-26-40 Big bust and big hips with a small waist.

    I'm just a walking ruler. And I'm freaking awesome at my walking ruler-ness. Except I literally get blown over when the wind blows :p

  • Im five feet with a petite frame 32bust, 26 waist, 34 hips. I'm not happy with it but I'm trying to accept it. Ideally I wish I had more curves like a pear or hourglass shape. 36-25-36 id rather have that measurement.

  • Societys idea of beauty is strict and its damaging. Depression and eating disorder are on the rise. And also plastic surgery. Its horrible.

    Im not giving away my measurements because its unnecessary.

    But naturally, since I'm part of this so iety and been brainwashed like the rest, I would like to be tall, thin, fit, long legs, D cup, good ass, big eyes, long healthy hair and white skin.

  • I've got a 35" bust, 25" waist, and 35" inch hips. I think I'm perfect just the way I am. Society can go to hell :D

  • I don't give a shit about measurements. I'm happy with my body and I think everyone is quite unique and beautiful of all sizes and what not. I consider perfection someone who loves, cares and appreciates their bodies as cliched as it sounds. Society has created this idea that the women and men in the magazines are the standard of beauty when photoshop and poor treatment of their bodies is how they achieve that. This is proven by when curvier women do photo shoots and what not, they're called "brave" and "inspirational" when their bodies are generally the average size.

    My personal measurements are:
    Bust: 38 inches Waist: 26 inches Hips: 40 inches


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